Course curriculum

    1. Introduction to SAP Business One

    2. Introduction to ERP Part 2

    3. Introduction to ERP Part 3

    4. Introduction to ERP Part 4

    5. History of SAP

    6. Range of SAP products

    1. Method to Download and Run SAP with Virtual Machine

    2. SAP Interface and Introduction to Business Partners

    3. Entering Business Partner Details

    4. Entering Vendor Details

    5. Deleting Business Partner Records

    1. Creating a new company in SAP

    2. Finalizing Company Creation

    3. Customizing New Company Date Settings

    4. Adjusting System Currency Settings

    5. Understanding Chart of Accounts Structure and Levels

    6. Customizing Chart of Accounts in SAP

    7. Creating and Editing Chart of Accounts Part 2

    8. Editing and Adding Missing Chart of Accounts in SAP

    9. Entering Opening Balances Introduction

    10. Entering Opening Balances Detailed

    11. Trial Balance Report Before Inclusion of Control Account

    12. How To Create Customers and Vendors in SAP

    13. How to Enter Customer and Vendor Balances in SAP

    14. How to Enter Inventory in SAP

    15. How to Enter Inventory Balances in SAP

    16. Splitting Trial Balance in Debit and Credit by Using Excel

    17. Concept of Masters and Transaction

    18. How to Identify Transaction Type and Treatment

    19. How to Make Outgoing Payments on Account

    20. How to Enter and Cancel a Payment

    21. Entering Other Cash payments

    22. Receiving Customer Payments in SAP B1

    23. Entering Purchase Invoice in SAP Part 1

    24. Adjusting Sales Tax Jurisdictions for Purchase Invoices

    25. Entering Purchase Invoice Part 2

    26. Entering Second Purchase with Tax Code Settings

    27. Entering Sales receipt in SAP

    28. Dealing With Customer Advances within sales order

    29. Entering Direct Credit Sales in SAP

    30. Entering Purchase Order in SAP

    31. Dealing With Bad Debts in SAP

    32. Entering Service Purchases invoice in SAP

    33. Payment of Vendor Against Invoice Part 1

    34. Configuration of Bank in SAP Business One

    35. Payment of Vendor Against Invoice Part 2

    36. Converting Sales Order to Sales Invoice with Advances Settlement

    37. Entering purchase return in sap business one

    38. Convert PO to PI

    39. Entering Sales return in Sap Business one

    40. Dealing with Loss of Inventory

    41. Rectification of Multi Relationship Error of AR Module

    42. Expense Adjustment Against Prepaid Expenses

    43. Dealing with Receipts from Customers in SAP

    44. Finalization of Closing Reports

    1. Starting New Company Ravi Textiles

    2. Configuring Basic Initialization

    3. Setting User Defined Chart of Accounts

    4. User Defined COA part 2

    5. Rectification of Errors in COA Levels

    6. Completion of User Defined COA Creation

    7. Opening Balances of GL Accounts With Reconciliation

    8. Entry and Configuration of Business Partner

    9. How to Import Business Partner Data

    10. Rectification of BP Import Problems Part 1

    11. How to Take Backup in SAP Business One

    12. Removing Bulk BP Records with Master Cleanup P2

    13. Importing BP Vendor Data

    14. Entering Business Partner Balances

    15. Entering Raw Material In SAP B1

    16. Entering Opening Balances in SAP B1

    17. Reconciling Trial balance

    18. Entering Finished Goods In SAP

    19. Entering Recipe or Bill of Material for Finished Goods

    20. Entering Transactions in SAP part 1

    21. Entering Transactions in SAP part 2

    22. Entering Transactions in SAP part 3

    1. HR In SAP Part 1

    2. HR in SAP Part 2

    3. HR In SAP Part 3

    4. HR in SAP Part 4

    1. SAP Business One Purchase Module Part 1

    2. Recurring Entries In SAP Business One

    3. Saving Transactions as Journal Voucher

    4. Dealing With Multiple Currencies and Exchange Rates

    5. Blanket Agreement

    6. How to Bulk Import Business Partners In SAP

    7. How to Bulk Delete Master Data Records in SAP

    8. SAP Short keys and Tricks

    9. SAP Reports Part 1

    10. SAP Reports Part 2

    11. SAP Reports Advance

    12. Purchasing - Procurement Confirmation Wizard

    13. Landed Cost

    14. Period End Closing in SAP B1

    15. Dealing With Multiple Unit of Measure in SAP B1

    16. MRP Functionality in SAP B1

    17. Warehouse Management In SAP

    18. Inventory Counting or Stock Take in SAP Business One

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